Reseller hosting


The internet has become so big that having a website of your own or for your business is a must. When you are looking to register your domain name and creating your site you will need to contact a web hosting provider who can provide what you need. A hosting provider normally offers a reseller package where you can host as many domains as you like and make a business out of it.


How reseller works

Large companies who offer the reseller package will provide their service by renting out their space and bandwidth to resellers at a wholesale price. The reseller can then resell their service to their own clients to make a profit. Each client will be given a specific amount of space and bandwidth to host their own website.


Benefits of reselling

One of the main benefits of reselling is running a business without the need of knowing the whole technical aspect of web hosting. This means that you can easily set up the business without knowing a lot of knowledge. Your job will only involve selling and communicating your services to customers. All the technical issues will be handled by the provider you bought the service from.

Reselling is also a great way of promoting your brand to customers. All resellers will have the option and freedom to change their hosting plans and prices to what they desire. It’s also a great way to earn quick cash and profit.



When your server is often down this can cause an issue for your business as you may end up losing clients. It’s ideal to buy your reseller plan from a trustworthy company to prevent this issue.

Another drawback would be that it will be difficult for you if you were to change your web hosting provider and the transfer process will be inconvenient for your clients.

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