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What you need to know about Linux Hosting

What is a Linux hosting account? A Linux hosting is simply a based or a platform that is used for your hosting. Normally you will get an option to choose between Linux or Windows. Linux is proven to have more features over Windows and a lot cheaper as well. The main difference between the Linux and Windows is mainly the language they use. For example, Linux allows you to use MySQL, PHP, etc. whereas Windows uses ASP and ASP.NET. Linux also runs more apps than Windows. Having an understanding of the Linux platform can help when choosing your hosting account. To help you understand the basics about the Linux hosting, I’ve listed some relevant articles below.

What is Linux Hosting?

Linux hosting is an alternative to using Microsoft Windows-based technology for operating a website. Linux is an open-source operating system, which means the code that makes it run is publicly available. This means computer experts all over the world can share ways of improving how the system works. Although it is more complicated to understand than Windows, most computer experts say Linux is much more reliable and less likely to “crash”. This makes it particularly useful for running websites.

Linux hosting makes use of several technologies:

* PHP is a programming language which produces dynamic web pages. These are pages which can change in appearance and content in response to something the person viewing it does (such as filling in a form). PHP is a server-side language, meaning the program runs on the server (the computer that physically stores the website) rather than the computer being used to view the page.

* MySQL is a database system used for websites. It can be used for features such as a real estate company letting site visitors search for properties of a certain size and cost. It is used by popular sites such as Craigslist and LiveJournal … Read more at

What is Linux Hosting?

Linux, an open-source operating system, is the most popular OS among Web hosting providers. Open source means the source code can be used, modified and redistributed freely in both commercial and non-commercial capacities. Web hosting providers prefer this to the more restrictive Windows platform because it allows greater customization in server capabilities and user options.

Few hosting services offer Windows-based hosting, and those who do charge a higher monthly fee than Linux-based hosting. Historically, Windows has struggled as a hosting platform in terms of stability, but recent iterations of the product place it on a similar playing field as Linux … Read more at

Windows Vs Linux: Web Hosting Services