Tips on switching to a new hosting provider



When you’re looking to switch to a new hosting company, it’s essential to gain as much knowledge as you can about your new provider. There are also many factors that you should be aware of when moving to your new host. Knowing these factors will help you transition smoothly without any hassle. To help you with your move we’ve provided some tips below.



Check your hosting plan and see if it offers the same bandwidth usage as your previous provider. Each provider offers different usage and limitation so it’s important that your bandwidth space isn’t less as you may need to pay extra charges.


Email accounts

If you currently have an existing email account on your domain, this will have to be set up with your new server before you can move the domain name to avoid complications. It’s also ideal to check how many email accounts and forwarders you can have in your new plan.


Usage files

Find out if your new hosting plan offers the same space that you currently have with your current hosting provider. It’s critical that your storage space is the same or more for your files to be uploaded to your new hosting server.


Uploading files

Contact your new provider and find out how you can upload your website files to your new server. Depending on the company, some will upload your file for free while others may charge you a fee. You may also stumble upon other providers who can provide you with the steps on uploading your file but will not upload it on your behalf due to liability issues.



If your website is currently using any kinds of scripts, make sure that your new hosting provider supports the script otherwise they may not work on your new server. In some cases, if they do not support the script, you may need to alter the script to make it work on the server.

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