Using a Domain Name for your Blog


Everybody’s blogging about anything and everything, and if you’re thinking of setting up your own space to write, you might want to take a look at how a domain name can affect your blogging site. Back in the early 2000s, LiveJournal was popular, and a lot of people had an account. It was perfect for people who wanted to keep entries for fun or as a hobby. These days, you can make money out of sharing your experiences and why not?

You’ve already come up with a great domain name, and you’re ready to go. Money’s scarce, and it would take you a short while to save up and pay for a domain name and hosting. Let’s say you went ahead and signed up to a WordPress free account. While you may be able to use it freely, it will only provide you with a sub-domain rather than having your own domain. What does this mean? Subdomains usually contain the provider’s domain name within, for example, While having a sub-domain is free, they also put adverts on your website beyond your control. As your blog starts to gather momentum, the provider will begin to charge monthly fees and an increase in accordance with popularity.

Having your own domain name on the other hand provides you with the freedom to have your name solely in the URL, instead of sharing it with the provider’s name, for example, Having a clean URL means that you will get better search rankings with Google. It ‘s perfect for those who wish to make money from blogging and provides a professional approach.

In conclusion, if you’re only interested in writing as a hobby and not at all interested in Google rankings, then obtaining a free subdomain should suffice. If you wish to make a living out of writing blogs, then it’s best to pay for your domain.

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